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View all your vCards without having an e-mail client installed on your system
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You no longer need to open your e-mail client to browse your vCard collection. Turgs vCard Viewer is a standalone application that you can use to view any number of electronic business cards in VCF format. The app supports all variants of vCards, including the various vCard versions, iCards, hCards, xCards, etc., and all Windows OS.

As clearly stated in the app’s name, this free and simple utility is nothing but a card viewer. Do not expect to find any editing features, let alone conversion capabilities into other file formats, an option that Turgs have reserved for vCard File Converter, a sort of “pro edition” of this costless tool. Thus, everything you can do with vCard Viewer is to display the contents of any set of VCF files regardless of the number of contacts they contain or the amount of data stored for each contact.

The natural way of creating, editing, exporting, and viewing vCards is via an e-mail client such as Outlook. MS Office tools like Word or Excel are also capable of displaying the contents of such files, though in a not-very-user-friendly way that includes the different labels and whatever codes the file contains. Thus, the only other way of viewing one of these cards in an intelligible way is by using tools like Turgs vCard Viewer. The app will open any amount of VCF files, both individually and by folder, and will list them all in the program’s main interface showing the full name, e-mail, and company of the contact. Though these details are usually enough, the “Message Preview” tab will show you the full contents of the selected vCard preceded by a set of clear headings. Regrettably, the program will not show you the electronic business card in a more card-like format, such as e-mail clients usually do.

Though vCard Viewer is prepared to deal with entire folders of electronic cards, it is certainly no prepared to help you work with them. There is no search function, which can be an absolute must when trying to find a contact among hundreds of cards. No sorting or filtering features either, which makes even more troublesome that lack of searching capabilities. It is hard to criticize an absolutely free tool that delivers what promises, but if bulk data display is all you do, one would expect both a more attractive way of displaying those data and a more efficient way of handling a large number of entries.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Works with all kinds of vCards
  • Loads any number of VCF files


  • No sorting, filtering, or searching capabilities
  • Lame card display
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